My name is Enrique Ordonez, and it all starts with this question.


What do I do?



This question always goes through my mind when I introduce myself, and I assure you that on all occasions, it is difficult to answer.


Placing yourself in a category is very complicated.  Especially when you are an entrepreneur and to keep your projects alive, you must do multiple tasks that make you gain skills.




I specialize in creating content, visual concepts, and developing business ideas in digital media.

I use and combine photography with film productions, graphic design, marketing, and technology, to create and communicate.



In addition to being a Digital Strategy and Content Creator, I am an ENTREPRENEUR. Since childhood, I always liked to create things; that’s why I started my first company ORVALCA to do engineering and build useful solutions.

In ORVALCA, I could create, but really what I learned was marketing. I quickly realized that if I wanted my venture to stay alive, I had to find a market and sell.

Another learning that ORVALCA left me was to understand that the most important thing is to give value. There are millions of problems outside that need to be solved. From this premise, my second project was born, a Marketplace called, which solved a problem.

* Semifinal of the «ideas contest» in Venezuela, out of 1800 participating business ideas

 * Named as the five (05) most important business plans for that year

 * Obtained 2nd place as the best StartUp in Latin America

* And it had a penetration of more than 60% of the Venezuelan market.

Being in a technology StartUp is one of the most exciting, and stressful experiences that exists, but it leaves you with excellent teaching. 

I learned to create technology, the value of a brand,  and how to build a technology company from the start.  After four years of innovation, reached:

All that experience allowed me to discover that what interests me most is to create new ideas, concepts, launch them, and test their business models.



For that interest, I started my third company (URBASIGN), a marketing and technology agency. We specialize in new and emerging brands.



For more than three years, URBASIGN has allowed me, together with my team, to create multiple concepts for more than two hundred initiatives (See brand portfolio).


We have been able to launch new projects,  position them in digital media, and above all, create meaningful for them.


That quest to create meaningfully led me to rediscover a child’s passion, «The painting.» An essential element in our creations are the visuals ones. These visuals are controlled by photographers and filmmakers who often do not share our vision as creators. 

That’s how I became a photographer and videographer, looking to learn the technique to lead with discretion.


One day I just took a camera, and when I saw my first result, I understood that photography was the closest thing to painting and that through the camera, I could express that visual universe that I always wanted to capture.



Photography and video not only gives me the creative power to express myself, but it also allows me to merge different areas to create meaning.

Working with URBASIGN has allowed us to get involved with many companies at an early stage and, above all, understand their needs. That is why my fourth venture (URBAWORK) was born, a coworking space for the creative community. All to facilitate an area and encourage entrepreneurs and digital artists to create.



In URBAWORK, we have supported and co-produced more than 90 initiatives, events, and training, all to boost entrepreneurship. (See portfolio).



In addition to Co-producing several initiatives, we created a series of support programs for Start-up companies, to help them more directly.



The first program created was: «Launch your Startup in URBAWORK.» In this program, we select two projects a year, to be promoted, and in which my participation during its initial period has been direct.

With «Launch your Startup,» we have been able to participate actively with two initiatives:


1. The first «GIRASOL film,» a 2D animated short film, in which I actively participate as an associate producer and direct collaborator. This short film was created and shot entirely in URBAWORK. Girasol Film has reached 18 international festivals; some contemplated for the Oscar nominations.


2. The second project that we are currently supporting is crypadicto, in which I participated directly as a mentor



Another initiative we created as part of the entrepreneurship support program is called «TAKEOFF success stories.» These are events in which the creators explain how their companies went from point A to B., And I participated directly as a speaker in the first edition held.

The last initiative carried out for the support program was URBAACADEMY. A training academy for entrepreneurs.


In this project, we partnered with 1000 grados, an academy with more than 20 areas of specialization, 60 certified instructors, 1000 graduate students, and 200 courses taken.



At URBAACADEMY, I have been in charge of the creative process of creation, and as an active instructor in a workshop called «Digital Strategist 360». In this, I explain my methodology to create a brand, its visuals, and launch it in digital media.



Currently, in addition to my duties at URBASIGN, URBAWORK, and URBAACADEMY, I am involved in a YouTube audiovisual project for my daughter ToriValb. A project that I have conceived from the beginning and which I am producing to date.

In my free time, I devote myself to making personal photographic and audiovisual projects, this to express my vision from a more artistic point of view. One of these projects was 1st place in the Shooting Contest 2019 of photography for @intmagency (SEE PHOTO PORTFOLIO)



I have also participated as a speaker in:

– 02 editions of the social media day

– Take Off, the conference

– Fuck Up night


– IG Master

– WORKSHOP Work with your brand